For over 20 years, the team at AltoPartners Wiesbaden has been supporting their clients’ executive search mandates throughout Germany, primarily in the financial services, industrial and commercial sectors. Our clients range from multinational corporations and their subsidiaries at home and abroad, as well as medium-sized companies with an international focus.

We advise you on the most efficient way to fill key positions, whether it’s to secure a growth strategy, to design and implement a turnaround or to realign business areas and companies. Our approach always ensures that you receive an optimal selection of qualified executives. We guarantee a targeted search and selection process at all times.

Our success is based on two essential qualities: empathy and re-evaluation. We apply our consultant maxim of empathy in all our interactions with clients and candidates, and combine this with a continuous re-evaluation of our own standards and methods, regularly investing in new procedures and techniques, taking regulatory requirements into account.

The result is an extraordinarily high success rate, which has been further strengthened by our practice-oriented onboarding procedure introduced in 2011 which is offered to all our executive placements. This minimizes the risks of a placement in the inception phase and at the same time supports rapid success in the positioning phase.

As a member of AltoPartners Executive Search Worldwide, we manage international search projects together with over 300+ partners at 62 locations in 37 countries. We are actively involved in the alliance’s various global practice groups with a special interest in Financial Services, Retail & Consumer Products and Manufacturing.

We have long-standing access to relevant decision-makers, who are also supported by our advisory board - consisting of renowned and excellently networked active and former executives.

We attach great importance to being able to share best practice and cutting-edge research with our clients, and make a point of maintaining a dialogue with academic and practice experts in management theory.

Let us inspire your next successful executive search!

Successful management requires a willingness to break up behavioural routines, to question the familiar, to embrace change and to take active steps towards navigating the necessary alterations.

We view executive coaching as the provision of a professional structure and as a form of support which generates the impetus for personal, social and structural change processes within the working environment.

Our status as outsiders and the international management practice we bring to the table enable us to deliver expert support for your change in managerial perspective via constructive situation analyses, clearly defined objectives and tailored training units.

The aim of our work is to develop the personal strengths and work, management and communication behaviours of your senior management in line with your corporate requirements.

In order to give your staff the skills they need to deal with the challenges of increasingly fast-moving innovation cycles and of the ever greater pressure to adapt, we consider the overarching objectives of our coaching services to be the identification and development of individual areas of potential improvement and of alternative courses of action in accordance with the dictates of the relevant business environment.