We founded AltoPartners in Munich in 2002. We - the two founding partners Oliver Torster, previously a partner at Heidrick & Struggles, and Dr. Thomas Heyn, a former partner at Amrop - successfully combined our experience and individual know-how in this executive search consultancy.

We have focused on market segments and industries that we know from our own international management and consulting experience. In these we have resilient networks, discrete contacts and verifiable references at our disposal.

In addition to executive search, through our partners Uli Holtz and Tessa Oldenbourg we also offer coaching and individual career consulting for executives. And we are constantly expanding our individual competencies at the location - with an eye to the requirements of tomorrow.

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Successful management requires a willingness to break up behavioural routines, to question the familiar, to embrace change and to take active steps towards navigating the necessary alterations.

We view executive coaching as the provision of a professional structure and as a form of support which generates the impetus for personal, social and structural change processes within the working environment.

Our status as outsiders and the international management practice we bring to the table enable us to deliver expert support for your change in managerial perspective via constructive situation analyses, clearly defined objectives and tailored training units.

The aim of our work is to develop the personal strengths and work, management and communication behaviours of your senior management in line with your corporate requirements.

In order to give your staff the skills they need to deal with the challenges of increasingly fast-moving innovation cycles and of the ever greater pressure to adapt, we consider the overarching objectives of our coaching services to be the identification and development of individual areas of potential improvement and of alternative courses of action in accordance with the dictates of the relevant business environment.

The accelerated changes in markets and growing competition as well as intensified internationalization across the board have forced companies towards reorientation and focus on increasing effectiveness as well as efficiency within their organizations. Consequently, for years JRC has been developing this process for appraising management as companies go through the reorientation process. This applies to phases of growth, internationalization, and the concomitant changes. We call our process JRC Leadership Assessment. On occasions the terms “management audit”, “management review” or “management appraisal” are used which we feel are too one-sided and technocratically cold.

Motives for applying the process:

  • Changes of strategy and restructuring
  • Repositioning
  • Growth and internationalization
  • Critical decisions on filling positions
  • Takeovers
  • Merger & Acquisitions

In all these cases the people responsible in the company are about to take decisions with far-reaching consequences. The process offers the opportunity to make the management potential of a company visible on a collective and individual basis and to have a dependable basis for the appraisal of transformation processes. Our clients are confronted by radical changes, scenarios and challenges which justify the use of this methodology while the preparations for taking a decision are being made.

The process of Leadership Assessment gives you valid answers to questions which are decisive today for the future of accompany:

  • “Who are our true performers?”
  • “Where are our high potentials?”
  • “Which managers suit our new strategy for the future?”
  • “Who has what development potential?”
  • “How good are we in a benchmarking comparison with our main competitors?”
  • “Which strategies and steps must be taken in order to make existing human resources ready for the future?”