AltoPartners Germany

» We remain who we were «
» And are not the same «

Digitization and globalization are changing the world at record speed. We are prepared for this, to continue to find the right people for the right job. For the best results. To remain the trusted partner you are accustomed to.

By bundling industry and consulting competencies from a variety of disciplines, a competent group of companies develops for the areas:

  • Executive Search
  • Leadership Consulting

We cover the metropolitan regions with our locations in Berlin, Hanover, Darmstadt, Munich and Wiesbaden.

Our local presence

In Germany, we are represented in the following locations:

Map of Germany

Our global reach

With 60 offices in 38 countries we have one of the largest networks in our industry. With this we cover the regions of Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific uniformly.

More than 300 partners and consultants with the appropriate support structure serve our customers and thus enable cross-border support that is unparalleled.

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Leadership Consulting

The leadership culture of today and has very little to do with the management culture so far. As a leader, you are in the focus of your employees and therefore their role model. This applies both to your function in the company as well as to a person with radiation and effect on their behavior.

We are trusted advisors who understand your business needs and combine the practice of consulting with our business experience to help our clients with:

  • Management Diagnostics
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Development
  • HR Advisory

Our Selfunderstanding

We are executive recruitment consultants

We understand this as providing comprehensive services and assistance for companies in locating and selecting personnel as well as specific services in guidance and development.

We work in a highly specialized and far-sighted manner

Our know-how and our long years of success represent your capital. We are at home in a number of industries. We have learnt to appraise situations and problems correctly. We think outside the box.

We find the right solution. Guaranteed

If a candidate proves to be unsuitable within the first six months despite our recommendation for the position and function, we will search for a replacement.

We are better than the average

We never provide you with proposals from our file cabinet. We give you honest and frank advice; we see candor as our first duty. An ideal project handling and the outcome are more important to us than a hasty conclusion without any real depth.

The keyword for our work is: Trust

We work continuously on creating and cultivating an atmosphere of mutual trust. The quality of our work reveals itself in talks. We work in dialog - from person to person, at eye level.

We are trained in change

All of life is in motion. We are focused on dealing with change and we can help you by providing high-level guidance in the required and important changes. With a corresponding effect.