Connecting Worlds

At AltoPartners we pride ourselves on delivering the optimal route to your executive search goal.

What sets us apart from the rest? AltoPartners is a strong international alliance of specialised individual companies - at 60 locations in 35 countries, with around 300+ partners and consultants, adept at executive search, leadership consulting and coaching. Globally networked, owner-managed and rooted in specific industries. Individually owned, but driven by the same attitude and quality standards. Backed by experience, but always at the cutting edge.

Our clients enjoy the benefit that comes from highly specialised, agile units with deep local knowledge and personal commitment built on trust and cooperation – combined with the diverse experience and expertise of a global network. In this way we combine the best of both worlds.

AltoPartners is a long-standing member of AESC, the global association for Executive Search and
Leadership Consulting.

Recognizing Potentials

We don’t settle for the first best candidate we find. Often, it needs a second, deeper search, to see beyond apparent contradictions to find surprising synergies. This is why we are never content to simply compare technical requirements based purely on qualifications.

We take a targeted approach: a hand rod, not a trawl net, - and never in muddy waters.

We dive below the surface to really get to know our clients: What drives this company? What drives this individual? Do their value systems align? Are they compatible? Are the conditions such that both will thrive? For us, it’s about uncovering potential – all the more valuable for being unexpected.

Defining Success

Our competence is based on two important principles:

  • In-depth specialisation in a wide variety of industries and specialist areas combined with a deep knowledge of each sector’s specific and often complex details.

  • Our deep understanding of the broader context and function: The big picture of entrepreneurial activity and the role of managers and employees in achieving business goals.

We work closely with our clients to define realistic success and to fill key positions in their companies in a target-oriented manner. For us, it’s about adding real value and not simply providing “personnel solutions”.

AltoPartners Germany

Our extensive industry-specific network is located in Berlin, Darmstadt, Munich and Wiesbaden, where our owner-managed, specialists cooperate closely to ensure broad reach and best-practice in a dynamic, evolving business environment. We offer our clients the dual benefit of targeted, local expertise combined with the global reach of our growing alliance partners.

Our mission to find the best possible leadership and talent solutions for each client does not end once we have identified a candidate. We take a more sustainable approach to the candidates we put forward, supporting them throughout their tenure, from ensuring a smooth onboarding process in their new roles to coaching for people with special potential and management audits to track development.

In addition, we leverage the employer brand in the talent acquisition process, thus allowing our clients to optimally exploit the possibilities of new digital methods and tools in the quest to attract top talent.

Please visit our respective websites for further information on our products and services, or contact us directly – we’d love to hear from you!!

AltoPartners International

The principle of owner-managed locations also applies at an international level. Through our carefully selected, highly experienced partners across 34 additional countries worldwide, we have the ability to operate globally from Germany and to solve very complex tasks competently and with the same high standards of quality.

We have full access to the local know-how of the locations and the best support through their extremely agile and bureaucracy-free structures. This sets us apart from other consultants and is a clear competitive advantage of AltoPartners.

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 created a major challenge in international businesses and impacted the way data is stored and transferred. The changed legal situation has made the use of international databases virtually impossible. Thanks to AltoPartners’ decentralized structure, however, we can always ensure compliance with the legal framework for search assignments.

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