„Algorithm back or forth - there is nothing like a personal conversation.“

Joachim Becker

Professional Experience
After studying business administration in Germany and later in the USA, Joachim H. Becker graduated with a Master of International Management. He started his career in 1985 at American Express, International Inc., Travel Related Services, London and Frankfurt, as Marketing Manager for corporate clients. In 1988 he joined PA Consulting Group in Düsseldorf, where he was responsible for the search and selection of executives and specialists via direct approach and advertisements.

In 1991, he assumed responsibility for the successful establishment of the Berlin office. In 1992 he joined the Executive Search Group H. Neumann International GmbH, in Berlin , as managing partner. In 1995 he founded Becker Management Consulting GmbH with offices in Berlin and Munich and became a founding member of AltoPartners in 2006.

Focus areas
Joachim H. Becker has over 25 years of professional experience as a personnel and executive search consultant. He has filled numerous senior management positions for national and international companies in a wide range of industrial sectors and industries. His main areas of experience are Automotive (Tier1, OEM & CV), Manufacturing & Engineering, Real Estate & Construction, Medical Technology & Pharmaceutical, and Professional & Business Services.

Focus areas:

  • Manufacturing, Automotive & Engineering
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Medical Technology and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Professional & Business Services

Interview with Joachim Becker

Interview with Joachim Becker

What fascinates you about this industry?
Joachim Becker: »I like dealing with people. I’m interested in the larger context in which they work, be it in teams, in companies or in business. The challenge of finding the right person for a specific position is a highly complex task. Beyond all formal algorithms, interpersonal expectations on the part of both the client and the candidate play an important role. Even though my years of experience help me to assess the right match, every search assignment is unique. Ultimately, it’s all about finding the “right fit”.«

Is there a recipe for success for your work?
Joachim Becker: »That would be nice. Part of the success lies in the ability to be open to new ideas - both to the constantly changing requirements of my clients and to the individual needs and demands of the candidates. Furthermore, it is the ability to build a solid relationship of trust. My clients appreciate the personal advice and handling of the personnel search from a single source, the candidates appreciate the personal support, which lasts beyond the conclusion of the contract. Last but not least, I rely on a sure instinct and my years of experience.«

Do your working methods differ from client to client?
Joachim Becker: »Every customer has its own corporate culture. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to their respective particularities. Many of our customers have been with us for years. This gives us an in-depth knowledge of the company as well as the decision-makers and we are able to understand the structures better and better. The result is a highly targeted, more efficient search process.«

What is essential today to make a career?
Joachim Becker: »From my point of view, solid training is still crucial. Add to that, a healthy dose of competition and a clear focus on professional work, supplemented by the many excellent Master’s programmes available to enrich your offering. It is not a question of “getting through with minimal effort”, but of feeling challenged and growing beyond oneself. This experience is a fantastic basis for finding one’s own way. Social skills are at least as important, especially with regard to future leadership responsibilities. Careers will be made by those who are critical and adaptable and who can motivate and inspire teams to achieve great things.«

In your opinion, how important is an international perspective when it comes to operating an HR consultancy ?
Joachim Becker: »An international perspective is indispensable. Personnel decisions don’t happen in isolation – they take part in the context of a business, an industry and a wider global economy, and each client requires a strategy tailored to their specific needs and where they are in their business cycle. The founding of AltoPartners was therefore a logical step for us, allowing us to combine deep local knowledge with a global perspective which is essential in today’s job market, where borders are increasingly fluid. By networking with our individual partner companies, we can operate worldwide and at the same time make use of our deep knowledge of country-specific particularities.«

Which network does a personnel consultant need?
Joachim Becker: »In the past it was called “vitamin B” , today it is called “networking”. Business relationships and their maintenance are a valuable investment, especially when we follow people over many years. These connections gain stability and trust. Many of our clients today were once candidates in their own right who we successfully placed. There is no golden rule regarding the maintenance of contacts within this network. In addition to the long-term informal care of customers and candidates, we at AltoPartners regularly invite clients to expert forums with current topics, which in turn provides an ideal platform for networking.«