Felix Stilz

Focal areas

  • Felix focal consultancy fields can in particular be found in the demand-specific identification and recruitment of executives, in the evaluation of potential and competence in management and management teams and in advice in the filling of positions on advisory and supervisory boards
  • His industry focus is primarily based on practically all functions in industries with high-tech know-how which is critical for success with a special emphasis on ICT markets. He is also active as a consultant for various private equity firms


  • Student of psychology, business management and labor and social law; graduated with a diploma in psychology
  • Several years of cross-industry consultancy experience in the selection and development of executives
  • Many years of management experience with competencies in HR and corporate management in the telecommunications industry
  • Several years of experience in setting up and managing a start-up company in the area of e-business/e-commerce
  • Founder and managing partner at Alto Consultants GmbH (formerly lentze stilz stork gmbh)

Focus areas:

  • Information-Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Digital Hightech

Interview with Felix Stilz

Where do you see your greatest challenge as an executive recruitment consultant?

Felix: »The first thing that occurs to me is the ability to appreciate the unique aspects of the problems of our clients. Every company has its own very specific topics and realities. Accompanied by the individual aspects of the players. A structure of very high complexity results from this. Being able to hold on to the wider view while also still taking account of the different points of view is certainly a very demanding task which you have to pick up afresh every day.«

Is every project really so completely different?

Felix: »Yes, because every company and every person is also different. There are naturally some basic principles which are found in almost all situations and which offer a certain framework. And the actual task ‘Find us a suitable candidate!’ is also comparable on a factual level. However, as soon as you look into the matter, you find that every project is one hundred percent different, both with respect to the specific demands and to the events and solutions which arise in this regard.«

How much creativity do you need?

Felix: »If you see creativity as a force which produces something new, which revolves around new ideas, then creativity is essential in any profession. Let me reword the question: ‘How many ideas can you contribute?’ - this makes it very clear that this is a desired and important component in the development process. We see our job and position not as a mechanical type of processing, but rather as a form of creativity. Ideas are very important here, particularly when they are directed to the problems which arise and can help to solve them.«

What forms the basis of your job?

Felix: »’Building bridges’, that is the core of our job, creating links between two areas. Whether the two areas are theory and practice or the person and the company, it is always a question of bringing these worlds together and of cultivating the links and common features which are created. You can approach a bridge from either side and can also build it from either side. Bridges are a means of communication and of joining together, I find that incredibly important.«

What makes you laugh?

Felix: »Specifically? I think Loriot [a famous German humorist] is unsurpassed in the German-speaking world. Otherwise life throws up a number of situations which are intrinsically comical. Situations which also contain a fair amount of truth. Not to forget myself. I believe that if you can learn not to take yourself too seriously, you are on the right track in life.«