„Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It´s as simple as that. (Richard Branson)“

Ines Habitzreuther

Professional Experience

Ines has its roots in retail and has established and managed a new Scratch business unit for a retail company. (50 branches, 100 million sales, 400 employees) As expansion manager for a franchise company, she was responsible for the expansion of the German market.

In 2001 she founded a family and now lives with her husband, 2 sons + dog in the beautiful Taunus.

In 2007 she and her husband founded a strategy & management consultancy as well as a personnel consultancy. The main topics:

  • Positioning of the CIO organization
  • Business IT Alignement
  • large transformation projects in IT & Supply Chain
  • Digitization Strategies
  • Restructuring projects with increase in sourcing degree, reduction of costs + employees

Through her industry knowledge and IT understanding with close contact to her customers, she successfully fills key positions.

Her motto:
Transformation = Change = Going new ways

In 2017, Ines brought her personnel consulting to Alto Consultants and since then has acted as a partner in Darmstadt.

Main focus:

The consulting focus of Ines lies in the identification, selection and filling of specialists and executives in the 1st and 2nd management level.

Her industry focus is primarily on companies in the IT, Telco, Digitization, Consulting & Retail sectors.

Focus areas:

  • Informationtechnology
  • Telecommunication
  • Digitization
  • Retail

Interview with Ines Habitzreuther

What distinguishes you as an executive consultant?

Ines: The combination of my experience as a manager, as well as the many years of experience in human resources and management consulting allows me to get a feeling about the situation of clients and candidates from different angles. So, I can help and coach the hiring manager and your organization to win the right candidates.

What are the current challenges facing the enterprises?

Ines: Digitization is on everyone’s lips. Every company and every manager knows that the digitization will affect them and that you have to embrace digitization. But the question is how encountered you actively this development, and how to include it into corporate strategy. What is my HR & staffing strategy to actively use the opportunities of digitization?

In my opinion the digitization is definitely the next industrial revolution. Digitization will change more and faster every industry and every individual company, as we can imagine. Like a giant wave she moves across to about everything and everywhere in the corporations. New competitors arise, the business models will change tremendously and new, digital employees are needed. You must also be aware, that the digitization requires a tremendous change process. You need managers and staff who are able to manage the change through digitization in a positive way. We must actively support this transformation process at the customer through our agility and flexibility. The corporate structures and requirements are changing, thus the job profiles for the future will also change. For this, the corporate organization and the HR department must be prepared.

How does the digitization change the search and recruitment of new employees?

Ines: The previous thinking, how is recruited, and how to find new employees must be adjusted also. The company must ask themselves, why someone should go to them. What need the companies to do to be attractive to new employees even in less attractive locations and with a less well-known brand? Recruiting has become a supply market. In the digital age employer branding will get more important. The potential new employee will be attracted and have multiple choices. It gets more & more important, to make the hiring process attractive, fast and exciting. It is the task of a good recruitment agency to support the customer at this change, as an active partner, to stand to the side.

How do you find high performers?

Ines: Over the long-term built and multi-layered network, recommendations and also direct search. It is important to exactly know what requirements the candidate must meet. To do this, an intensive contact, as well as a regular exchange is required. We need to understand the culture, organization, the business model of the company and the challenges of the job very well. The expectation of our customers and the candidates must fit together. Next to any professional qualifications, the customer and the candidate must both have a good sense and fit also as human and culturally to each other. We don’t paint the world in “Pink” neither to the customer nor to the candidates. We say what the deal is, and what the challenges are. The candidate gets a great job and knows exactly what he is getting. The company wins a committed high performer to create the future of the company.